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"If you love your dog then the Healthy Animal is the 411 and 911 for you.

Diane and Freddie are the most knowledgeable experts you will ever find about the right way to care for your dog. From raw diets, organic supplements and natural tinctures there is no better way to help your dog live a long and healthy life than to take their advice.They stock only the best products and if they don't have it on hand they will find it for you. They are on the cutting edge of the best holistic practices and inspired other vendors and pet owners to follow their lead.

They also have impeccable referrals for everything a dog needs: vets, groomers, acupuncture, walkers anything your dog needs they know the best people and products for your dog. If you want the best for your dog then go to the best: The Healthy Animal." - Long time Healthy Animal Customer

The Healthy Animal puts a natural focus on pet care and incorporates our gentle love of animals into everything we do. We provide the most optimal results for the well-being of your pet by stocking and selling only the best quality pet food, raw diet, helpful herbal remedies, canine massage services, and flower essence consultations. Through our extensive network of experienced pet professionals and holistic consultants, we can keep harmful chemicals and unnatural, processed materials out of our products and out of our store.

We are a health food store for all pets; offering all natural, high-quality pet products, such as the healthiest dog and cat foods, treats, vitamin supplements, natural shampoos, skin treatments, herbal remedies, and more.

Visit us today for full consultation and assistance in caring for your pet.

Our Products

  • Flower Essences
  • Herbal Remedies
  • All Natural Foods
  • Raw Diet Foods
  • and much more...

Mission Statement

You are what you eat, this is The Healthy Animal’s Philosophy. Our main focus is on fresh food diets and the overall well-being of your extended family.

Healthy Animal Pet Shop Pembroke MA
Healthy Animal Pet Shop Pembroke MA